Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides - Every person on this planet has been assigned a spirit guide to assist them during their journey here on planet Earth. You specifically have chosen them to help you learn certain lessons and evolve. There is a good chance you have worked with this spirit guide before during many incarnations and they are very familiar with your weaknesses and strengths. Their job is to help you by guiding you, not by telling you exactly what to do. They can make suggestions but ultimately the choice is yours. Your spirit guide may be male/female and they do have a distinct personality. They have incarnated here on Earth many times and that is why they are equipped to help you here. They understand that you have forgotten your true identity and your true home. They understand what it is like to lose, to be angry, to be humiliated, to be in pain, and to be in love. We will be working with yours throughout this course to help you grow your gifts. It doesn’t matter if you cannot see or hear them, they are always there to assist.

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