Opening Doors to the Other side

Opening Doors - Many people fear opening the door to the spirit world. I have worked with many students who were warned about taking this class because it would be inviting the devil to their doorstep. This is derived from fear, but mainly from what we’ve been taught from a Christian perspective. Working with the spirit world does require courage because you will be opening the door to the unknown. Multiple types of spirits co-exist with us, it’s just that we can’t always hear or see them. We are never alone. There are lighter and denser energies all around us. When you open the doors, you must be aware of this because sometimes darker energies will present themselves to us; it is your job to discern, choose wisely, and of course, trust your intuition.

There are multiple dimensions/frequencies/doors that we can tap into for guidance and connection. There are doors to healing, love, peace, truth, empowerment; all of these will help you build your own personal gnosis and inner strength. There are doors to many different spiritual beings as well such as angels, archangels, spirit guides, goddesses, gods, and elementals, and off-planet beings. You will be learning how to work with some of these spirits responsibly throughout this course.

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